Getting No Results With Your Hard-Earned Online Marketing Budget?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Doing business online is getting harder and harder every day, and to survive, you really gotta stay ahead of your pesky competition…

The truth can be hard to swallow, but for businesses that fail to adapt to the constant changes in the digital world, the waters are rising fast for them. So, unless they learn to swim quick, they’ll inevitably drown while their rivals SMIRK.

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So… Will You Sink, or Will You Swim?

Businesses (big and small) who have not kept up, have gotten caught wasting their budgets and efforts on the WRONG things.

Technology keeps evolving at a rapid rate because society demands it.

Users are bored with traditional websites. Apps are ‘sexier’ than browsers. Texts are replacing email. Mobile is replacing traditional internet traffic.

  • Is your site mobile friendly? Are you going where your users are?

  • Google used to be the giant that controls the web, until Facebook surpassed them in 2015

  • Are you advertising on Facebook? Do you still need to invest in SEO?


of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less and…


abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

How many people have abandoned your site because it’s slow?

A new kid on the block, “native advertising,” is the fastest growing traffic channel in 2016. Together with other forms of display, it will surpass search ad spending this year.

Have you hopped on the native advertising train yet? (before the novelty wears off like how “You’ve Got Mail” became “You’ve Got SPAM!!”)

Have you hopped on the native advertising train yet? (before the novelty wears off like how “You’ve Got Mail” became “You’ve Got SPAM!!”)

In the digital world, what’s working today might not work next month, let alone 6 months from now…

How are you keeping up with the changes so your company and/or brand, doesn’t get destroyed like “Blockbuster Video” did by Netflix?

All the changes mentioned are REAL, whether you like it or not… And things are going to continue to evolve, at the speed of light, and CONTINUE TO DROWN unprepared businesses.

So, where does this leave you?

You Can Learn to Swim… Or Get Expert Help :)

Choice 1 - Learn

If you are more of the “I Want To Do It All” type, power to ya… Here are a few things you should know about learning online marketing (on top of what was already mentioned):

  1. Know that it’s a competitive game where the skilled win and the unskilled lose. You probably spent a few years learning your craft to become the expert you are in your field right? Same with the marketing professionals you’ll be competing against – so get ready for a rough ride.
  2. You need to make sure your model, systems and strategies will work for your specific business, while at the same time preparing for the next innovations (i.e. mobile, apps, social, etc.). Failing to do this will cause your online business growth to stall out.
  3. 99% of the books and products related to online marketing are out of date and useless because of how fast it changes. And in this business, old information and bad information is truly DANGEROUS.
  4. Beware of the so-called “gurus” selling their courses. Many have either never made money online, or they got lucky once and packaged whatever they did into an ebook AFTER the method is dead – which is why it was safe to “share” the info! (Just ask how many people got “rich” from what they learned from “Warrior Special Offers”).

And here, I wish you best of luck as you go forth into the chaotic world of “learning online marketing”. Feel free to stop reading as the rest of this page is for those who want expert help with their online marketing plan.

Choice 2 - Expert

If you want to stop the bleeding and ACTUALLY get leads, sales and conversions from your online marketing efforts…

Then you’ll be thrilled to know you’ve found the solution you are looking for because generating results online is our expertise (we’ve helped generate conversions in 88+ countries) and we’d love to help you too – providing we are a good fit!

Who Are We?


Our mission is to help grow GREAT businesses & GREAT non-profit organizations worldwide through strategic online marketing and advertising.


Because we are firm believers of this:

(no, it’s not all about money, $ is representation of growth)

BAD product + BAD marketing = -$$ (doom)

BAD product + GOOD marketing = $$ is ceiling

GOOD product + GOOD marketing = $$$$$

What we have is GREAT marketing; thus, we need to partner with your GREAT products/services!

What Do We Do?

We Create Online Campaigns that Get Results!


We listen to your needs, help establish goals, and then research and craft a strategic online marketing plan for your campaign success.


We implement your strategic plan and manage your ongoing campaign.


We track and report your campaign analytics and business growth monthly. You’ll love the results!

Here are Some Results We Have Generated

Conversions Created in

leads, sales, calls, downloads, etc.







Some Achievements:

Online Sales


a Day in Ad Spend


Targeted FB Fans in 3 Days

And 1

Campaign Did



in 81


using $0

Advertising Costs

with just a 1,000

People List

And Here is We Can Do for You


    We’ll work with you to develop a strategic online marketing plan so your budgets are maximized and delivering leads, sales and conversions according to your unique business goals.


    We’ll integrate and revamp your existing email marketing into your online funnels to increase purchase conversions, customer retention and increase potential referrals.


    We’ll manage your online reputation and get you seen in the media – potential customers love seeing a brand from a 3rd party source and we’ll do exactly that to get the word out about your business, product, news or event.


    We’ll improve or write from scratch non-salesy copy on your webpages, such that every visit to every page on your site is hitting crucial sales triggers to sky-rocket conversions.


    We’ll get you found in search engines by red hot prospects who are searching for your products/services with SEO or PPC, guaranteeing a positive ROI tracking from leads to conversions.


    We’ll setup advanced tracking on your websites and funnels, so that you’ll see clearly which marketing channel is giving you the best bang for you buck – and it goes without saying we’ll eliminate all wasted budgets that’s under-performing for you.


    We’ll manage your online media buying, and flood your site with targeted visitors & buyers you didn’t even know was possible from traffic ad networks like Facebook, as well as other little-known high quality channels.


    We’ll develop and optimize your site & landers for conversions and speed so visitors can’t help but stay browsing your content and give you their email or phone.


    We’ll build & optimize your online presence so you are easily discovered by local clients/customers using local citations, business listings and local SEO optimization.


What Others Are Saying

Upon the multiple online marketing firms which we have spoken with, Savvy Online Advertising was able to convince us that it will create the most value for our Scion marketing campaign. Our experience with Savvy has been excellent when it comes to response time, flexibility, and professionalism. To date, Savvy has delivered all services it promised and exceeded our expectations in multiple aspects. Savvy’s services have largely contributed to our success of becoming referred as “Best Online Marketing Practice” among all Canadian Scion dealerships.

Tonny Lam
Tonny LamScion Marketing Project Manager, Jim Pattison Auto Group

Working with Harry from Savvy Online Advertising has definitely increased my visibility online. At our first meeting Harry was very professional and organized and provided an in depth analysis of the current state of my website. He pointed out areas of strength, improvement and really went to great lengths to understand my current situation. I had always assumed SEO marketing was beyond my budget but Harry offered solutions that allowed me to reap the benefit of SEO. Three hours after starting our working relationship I received a call from a very qualified patient looking for my services that resulted in a patient booking. We have only been working together for 3 weeks but it has been the best investment I have made for my practice. The qualified phone calls I have been receiving have lead to a very high conversion to patient bookings. I’ve been particularly pleased at the results I have seen because the summer is notoriously known as the slowest time of the year for building a practice. I have no hesitations in recommending his work it has been the smartest decision I have made in regards to marketing my practice.

Dr Mélanie DesChâtelets
Dr Mélanie DesChâteletsBSc(h), ND

Feedback given when asked to share about the work done for

“Delivery Speed – 10/10
Deliver Quality – 10/10
Communication – 10/10
Value – 10/10
Depth Of Knowledge – 10/10″

Patrick S.
Patrick S.Internet Sales Legacy Auto Group

Working with Savvy Online Advertising was a positive and rewarding experience! I was very pleased with the extensive range of knowledge that Savvy Online was able to offer! All our questions were answered in a prompt and professional manner and we were always very happy with the support provided! We would recommend Savvy Online to any online business looking to increase their website traffic and sales. Working with Savvy Online was a pleasure.

Ryan Vrba
Ryan VrbaCo-Founder, Footprints Conservation Society

With stepping into the new world of website development and advertising, Savvy was able to create a fantastic string of tutorials that were incredibly powerful and simple to follow. I was able to completely understand how to optimize my website and develop content that would rank at the top of search engines like Google. I give Savvy a 10 out of 10!

Andrew Dunn
Andrew DunnDirector, Healthiest Future

When I first created my website as a marketing tool for Endurance Nutrition, I thought that simply creating a well-organized site that provides my clients with regular updates and relevant nutrition information was sufficient. Meeting with Harry of Savvy Online Advertising was an eye-opening experience that helped me understand that there is much more beneath the surface of SEO (search engine optimization).

I appreciated that Harry took the time to meet up with me to go through my web marketing needs. In our first meeting, he was prepared with a thorough analysis of my website with both positive remarks and aspects of my site that made it difficult for the user to find me on Google. He then listened to my business goals of how I wanted to grow my business. He then based his online marketing proposal to help
meet my business growth objectives.

Savvy Online Advertising has a solid, experienced team working on behalf of their client’s online marketing needs. I would trust Harry and Savvy Online Advertising both with my online business marketing and would not hesitate to refer him to my business contacts.

Louisa Lee
Louisa LeeFounder, Registered Dietitian, Endurance Nutrition

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